Silurian Press is committed to helping authors tell their stories through publishing consulting services around book construction, distribution, and marketing.

Our model assumes the author keeps all publishing rights, and focuses on empowering authors to own their publishing process. We will help you identify what aspects of the publishing process you can do directly and finding appropriate experts to hire when necessary.

Contact us today at if you’re interested in working Silurian Press. We can work with on an hourly basis or you can select one or all of the packages below.

Book construction roadmap (print and e-book)

  • Process for constructing a book (print and e-book), including timeline
  • Best practices for editing, layout, and cover design
  • Resources at different prices points

Includes two consultation sessions of one hour each. The first session will be scheduled as soon we start working together and the second session will occur when you are working on cover and layout.

Book distribution roadmap

  • Options for book distribution
  • Process for distributing your book, including timeline
  • Best practices on US copyright, Amazon, Ingram, and author website.

Includes two consultation sessions of one hour each, typically one when you are working on global edits for your manuscript and the second when your final edits are complete.

Book marketing roadmap

  • Timeline for marketing your book
  • Best practices for campaigns to managing your existing network, direct outreach and email newsletter, events, social media, Amazon reviews, Amazon KDP Select, and online advertising
  • Marketing Plan template

Includes three consultation sessions of one hour each. The first session typically occurs when you’re still working on writing your book, the second session when you’re within 8 weeks of launch, and the third session around 8 weeks after launch. If you book is already available, we will determine an appropriate schedule together.